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Tennis Practice

Book your court today

Looking for a top-notch tennis facility? Our club offers state-of-the-art courts that are perfect for players of all levels. You can book a tennis court with ease on our website.
Once you have paid online for your booking, you will receive 2 emails

  1. An email confirming your booking

  2. An email with instructions on how to access the courts and club house if it is unattended at the time of your booking 

Court Fees

Daytime        $10

Night time    $15

Non Members
Daytime        $15
Night time    $20

Booking Rules

The Book a Court system is easy to use and you are welcome to bring guests (non-members). This is an honour system which we expect our members to support.

  • 2 members and 2 guests = members fee

  • 1 member and 3 guests = non-member/s fee

To book a court, simply click on the link below and sign in or register.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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